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8 Ways to Build Self Confidence


1. Dress Sharply: Although there’s more to us than the way we look dress and look, it can greatly affect the way we feel. When we think we don’t look good we often feel less confident. That changes how we act and interact with other people.

2. Increase your pace of walking: People who walk quickly usually look more confident. They have places to go; they have people to see; and their life is interesting and fast paced.
3. Good Posture:
Slumped shoulders are a signal of lack of self confidence. But if you always stand up straight, and you look straight ahead up, then you look more powerful and confident.

4. Develop an attitude of gratitude: Make a mental list of all you’re grateful for – relationships, successes, and things that bring you joy. You’ll be surprised at how many things are going well – and that will boost to your confidence and self-esteem.

5. Compliment others: When we get into the habit of complimenting others, we bring out the best both in ourselves and other people. That leads to respect and increased self confidence.

6. Speak up in group discussion: The more you speak up in a group, the less self conscious you will feel – so taking that first step will have a knock on effect. It will both lower your anxiety and increase confidence.

7. Make the effort to exercise: When we’re out of shape, we tend to feel less confident, less energetic, and less good about about ourselves. But when we make the extra effort to invest in exercise we feel more in control of how we look and how we act – and that creates momentum which affects the rest of life.

8. Focus on others and the task you’re working on: Ironically, when we focus on ourselves - and not the job or other people - we often find we start to worry about our weaknesses. However, when we turn our focus outward, efficiency increase, and we feel less self-conscious and much more confident.

Words to keep inside your pocket:

  • Quiescent - a quiet, soft-spoken soul.
  • Chimerical - merely imaginary; fanciful. 
  • Susurrus - a whispering or rustling sound. 
  • Raconteur - one who excels in story-telling. 
  • Clinquant - glittering; tinsel-like. 
  • Aubade - a song greeting the dawn. 
  • Ephemeral - lasting a very short time. 
  • Sempiternal - everlasting; eternal. 
  • Euphonious - pleasing; sweet in sound. 
  • Billet-doux - a love letter. 
  • Redamancy - act of loving in return.


15 amazing things in nature you won’t believe actually exist





how to walk like a queen [x]

This is the best acting lesson I have every seen in my life








Why do I learn more about math from Tumblr than my 12+ years of formal education????????

No math teacher ever taught me this trick. Got damn.

This is great and all if you know how to subtract things from 100 



I was just sent a link to this stunningly /massive/ archive of character references, concept art and designs

the sheer amount of images they have here is ridiculous, all (most) of which is sourced correctly

check it out!

thank you to the user who sent this to me

What Is Up With “Thou,” “Thee,” “Thy,” and “Thine”?





where has this been all my life

The best post in history

how to decode a person with an anxiety disorder




This is by far one of the most important things I’ve seen on tumblr because It describes things I was not able to

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literally made me cry


I just have to share because this is the coolest of all the websites. You type in a book that you liked and it brings up a list of at least 10 books that you would probably enjoy as well.
So if you’re looking for a good read, check it


I just have to share because this is the coolest of all the websites. You type in a book that you liked and it brings up a list of at least 10 books that you would probably enjoy as well.

So if you’re looking for a good read, check it out.


Thou art an impertinent foul-born harpy!


Thou art an impertinent foul-born harpy!



The thing with a “main character”, is that the reader see the story/world from that characters point of view - we can often read the characters thoughts and feelings more than other characters in the story. You can also use the perspective to increase this “effect”.

You can use the eye-level to display the world seen from the main character. Look at the two pictures above, the characters have the same size on both pictures - the only difference I’ve made is to switch eye-level. And by just doing this, we switch between the adult and the kids point of view - even though they both look at the same thing.

So, when you are doing a perspective, FIRST decide the eye-level and after that start placing out all those annoying guidelines.

this is fucking MAGIC holy crap



How to break out of a zip-tie- potentially life-saving information

You guys, please share it. You never know when someone is going to need this information.


here are some nice things to do to waste time on the internet if you want to be distracted for some reason